Rubbish in and on the banks of the Our river

At the end of March, we collected garbage on the section of the Our between the border triangle and the the mill of Kalborn.

A total of 10 large bags could be filled, which corresponds to approximately 50 kg. This was only on a 6 km section of the river and for the most part only one bank was searched. If you calculate the garbage for the entire length of the river Our of 96 km and up for both banks, you get a quantity of approx. 1600 kg. So 1.6 tons of garbage. Over 90% of the garbage was made of plastic. Even if this garbage does not directly damage the aquatic organisms in the upper reaches of the rivers, the larger plastic parts becomes microplastic on the way to the sea and thus become available to the food chain of the aquatic animals. If we consume fish, the plastic waste also gets into the human body. The plastic waste along our waters is therefore not only an aesthetic problem, but also represents a major problem on a local as well as on a global level. We should all make even greater efforts to reduce waste as much as possible.

  • Rubbish in and on the banks of the Our river
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