Relocation of the Ruederbaach

Natur&ëmwelt undertook some protective measures to ensure the water quality of the river Our and the natural freshwater sources of the small stream Ruederbaach

The stream Ruedersbaach was redirected and canalized twice in the past which had negative effects on fish migration. Brown trout an bullhead were not able to reach their spawning ground. Furthermore, due to the canalization of the stream, it often came to pipe blockages which often led to an overflow of the stream. The consequence was a contamination of the nearby natural freshwater sources. In order to make a sustainable improvement, natur&ëmwelt built a bridge before the first canal. The target was to lead the stream slowly into the right direction by considering the migration of the fish. Moreover, this action also considers the protection of the natural freshwater sources at the Ruederbaach.

  • New bridge Ruederbaach - Relocation of the Ruederbaach
  • New streambed - Relocation of the Ruederbaach
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