Water quality is the focal point of the project. The main rivers are the Our and Sauer. Regular water analysis controls nutrient loads and nutrient inflow.

The Our has its source in Belgium and flows along the border of Germany and Luxembourg to its outlet into the Sauer near Wallendorf.

The Sauer also originates in Belgiumand marks the border between Belgium and Luxembourg up to the outlet of the Syrbach.

Both rivers are designated as lower mountain rivers; the project is carried out in the upper reaches of both rivers.

Once a week, water samples are taken in the Our (Kalbermillen) and Sauer (Moulin de Bigonville) and the following parameters are determined:

  • Temperature - °C
  • pH
  • Conductivity - µS/cm
  • Oxygen content - % and mg/L,
  • Turbidity - NTU
  • Orthophosphate - PO4 in mg/L
  • Nitrite - NO2 in mg/L
  • Ammonium - NH4 in mg/L
  • Nitrate - NO3 in mg/L

Once a month or during incidents, additional parameters are examined:

  • CSB - mg/L
  • Chloride - mg/L
  • Calcium - mg/L

The following bodies of water lie within the project area:

Our with side streams

Reibach, Nivelsbach, Schelsbach, Jansschlederbach, Feierbach, Hengeschterbach, Stroumbach, Kenzelbach, Ruederbach, Etschenterbach, Traesbach, Fallbach, Ettebach, Holzbach, Huschterbach, Gemünder-Akeschterbach, Stolzemburg-Akeschterbach, Klangbach

Sauer with side streams

Froumichtbach, Syrbach, Schwärzerbach

The results allow to detect high deposition regions. Thus, it should be easier to detect the source of inflows.

At the same time, the physical and chemical analysis in combination with meteorological and limnimetrical data allows to detect the interrelation between fertilizing periods, rain and run-off.

With the acquisition of the inventory, the ultimate cause can be fixed. Later in the project, changes to the water quality will hopefully be observed due to good management.

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